Originally from Romania but based in London, EDITH, moves the first steps of her career when she releases her fist self-titled EP in 2019.

“Never Stay Too Long” is about a topic we are all familiar with : break-up. What’s interesting is that while it clearly expresses her sadness and frustration of the relationship, it also leaves the listener somewhat empowered and ready to move on.

The sound is pure pop sensation, it has commercial appealing and we believe it could really boost this young artist career. We also recommend listening to her recently released acoustic version of the song “Never Stay Too Long – Home Sessions”, if you’re looking for a more intimate and melancholic version to cry on and eat ice-cream on.

EDITH has proved to be quite a song-writer and it seems like she’s taking all the right steps to be able to take off. We look forward to see her career development. Meanwhile, go listen to her music now on all streaming platforms!