KRISTOPHER releases acoustic melodic gem ‘Liar’

Orlando-based singer and songwriter, KRISTOPHER, has just released his first single, ‘Liar’, now available on digital stores. ‘Liar’ is the final result of KRISTOPHER’s teenage and school experiences that triggered a profound need to write about his feelings and put them into music. Thanks to his choir teacher, who encouraged him to begin his still ongoing journey in music, KRISTOPHER became more aware of the potentiality of his voice that stands out in this melodic music piece…

STATIC travels back to the 80s with his new EP ‘When I’m Falling”

Static is a DIY-spirit project from Melbourne, under the artistry of Joseph Ling, vocals and synths, and mastered by Jessica Thompson. Chatting with Joseph brought me back to my favourite time in music, the punk and grunge era – what a treat for my nostalgic soul 😉 Today we are going to explore his second EP called ‘When I’m Falling’, released this year, in a small room at Joseph’s, during lockdown….

Orchestra of Cardboard releases dark-folk single ‘Black Flag’

The Orchestra of Cardboard are Dan Edelstyn, songwriter and filmmaker from London and the American singer and songwriter Jolie Holland from LA. ‘Black Flag’ is their newest release from the album ‘The Antidote’, in collaboration with Nick Graham Smith, multi-instrumentalist and producer, based in São Paulo and Stevie Weinstein-Foner, again in LA.

KYNS releases her intimate goodbye called ‘Lost’

Kyns is an Oakland-based songwriter and producer. After years of varied collaborations, she moved to LA to pursue her career as an artist. Some notable jobs include working alongside Jeff Saltzman (producer of The Killers’ “Hot Fuss”). During lockdown, she had the time to dive in her feelings and self-produce her upcoming EP. Her debut single ‘Lost’ is a moment of grieving that I’d like you to explore in her words below. The song is a climax of emotions where open spaces seem to broaden our imagination.