#ARTISTPROMOTION | PENNAN BRAE releases new single ‘STRUT-1980s’

Based in Vancouver, Pennan Brae is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing mainly on music and video. Boasting a long career, the Canadian artist has now arrived at the serious number of 9 (!) independent releases. His latest work, ‘The Astronot’, is both a music record and a short film. After all, cinematography is one of Brae’s strong points: he has won numerous awards, the likes of ‘Best Score’ at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, and ‘Best Rock Song’ at the American Track Music Awards.


Lately, we have been seeing quite a few artists emerging from the Isle of Wight. Who knew that such a tiny island could hide such a copious amount of talent? This is also the case of Bethan John, singer and songwriter, whose single ‘Piece of Gold’ served as a debut statement. The act is actually a duo, rather than a solo outfit: Bethan is assisted by Damon Edward-Ellis, a producer and songwriter from London. The pair shares the same journey in life, as well as in music.