The healing process through the eyes of CODY FRANCIS and his latest single “FALL DOWN, REPEAT”

Today’s pick is probably one of the most talented and unique artists I’ve been able to discover through YMX. CODY FRANCIS is a one-man artist/producer from Bountiful, UT. The multi-instrumentalist and programmers started his path in music when he was 16 and he never stopped since. And you can clearly tell …

AARON YORKE and the new jewel ‘Difficult Year’

‘Difficult Year” is the new soothing and elegant jewel signed by Aaron Yorke, released last December and praised by BBC Radio, that defines his work as a “Songsmith of soaring vocals and sensitively crafted tunes”.
During these difficult times, when we all need cuddly moments, the Worcester-based songwriter, gives us an intimate piece that makes us reflect on the almost “unnamable” 2020, but also on painful life facts as a divorce.”Difficult Year’ sounds like the calm after the storm, it’s not a sad song, but on the opposite, it carries that good energy of rebirth..

PHOEBE COCO: ‘My White Horse & I’, our journey towards Freedom

Phoebe Coco, the name reveals already a cottony and dreamy intrinsic sound, is a London-based female singer and songwriter. Her album ‘My White Horse & I’ – what a great way to debut! – was released in November last year by the independent Sharp Attack Records and praised by BBC Radio 6, BBC Wales & BBC 2 Late Junction and Resonance FM, to name a few.

Phoebe’s world is an enchanted dimension, where dark tones are omnipresent in forms of deep bass lines and electronic ear-catching beats…