Windfread returns with electro-soul jewel ‘Too Comfortable’

Today we are proud to be introducing a young talent, Windfread. Boasting an expressive soul-infused vocal tone, his music sits in between modern R’n’B and alt-pop, accompanied by electronic arrangements and honey-sweet harmonies. It’s in this context, that his latest release, ‘Too Comfortable’, takes on a particularly glorious shine, and act as an acceleration ramp for a confident career. 

Hailing from the US, Windfread has already a string of releases behind him, with EP ‘October’ and single ‘Bliss’ released in 2020. Now, ‘Too Comfortable’ follows up in the same groovy-but-expressive path, allowing him to define a certain signature sound. 

‘Too Comfortable’ opens with synths stable and resolve into an angelic arpeggio, creating the perfect bed for Windfread precise and intimate vocals. The song is based around the wish to be loved back while being stuck in ‘cautious-mode’, thanks to past heartbreak experiences. About the track, Windfread explains: “After playing this song at a gathering at my college campus one student had told me, “I caught myself really vibing out to that. Really love the sound of your music man. Keep that up and you’ll be up there in no time.”

We are on board! Discover ‘Too Comfortable’ on Spotify: