We are very excited to present you to the independent indigenous artist Uriah and his new fresh tune ‘Love By Me’ feature Tikvah.

Behind the stage name ‘Uriah’ we have Uriah Mccarthy who is a talented producer, songwriter and engineer. He grew up in the reservation in New Mexico, and wants to create art that besides vibing can work as a catalyst for healing as well as being a voice to include more native people in the industry.

Uriah has for several years been producing for other artists but this is his first solo project. With roots in alternative pop and indigenous sounds, he blends it with psychedelic rock, trap and indie which creates his interesting and eclectic sound.

‘Love By Me’ is a glorious tune with many interesting textures and layers you can dive into. Working around the two melodic guitar motifs, there’s driven percussion and engaging beats to bounce along to and sat on top of the track is Uriah and Tikvah’s vocals that complement each other in the most perfect way, bringing a softer side to this zesty track.

A must listen!