Timmixs returns with poignant gem ‘Sad Inside’

Hailing from Mönchengladbach, Germany, Timmisx belongs to the young generation of rap artists, blending hip-hop productions with pop songwriting. Also a producer, the german talent is a creative powerhouse, boasting strong rapping and songwriting skills.

Debuting last year with ‘I Told You’, he is now returning with the poignant and groovy gem ‘Sad Inside’. Drawn to music since a very young age, Timmixs started playing drums when he was just 8 years-old, slowly fading into listening American hip-hop and rap, to then land on production duties. Growing up between Pop and EDM had its effects: “I’ve always been more on the emotional side and introverted so that’s why Emo Rap got a hold of me and has been a constant” – something we can clearly observe in ‘Sad Inside’.

Showcasing an infectious and hooky chorus, the track quickly captures the listener, mesmerised by Timmixs emotional and heartfelt rapping flow. About the song, he explains: “Sad Inside is a song that everyone can interpret individually, for me it’s a love song talking about a girl and he wants to leave the rest for the listener to decipher. I think the interpretation is what makes art so special” 

We are on board! Discover ‘Sad Inside’ on Spotify: