The Lyricals return with experimental jewel ‘The Big Ride’

We previously hosted The Lyricals on our pages, on occasion of the release of ‘House Arrest’, their debut album and lead single. Today, the alt-electro-rock outfit returns with another experimental gem, the highly-energetic and psych jewel ‘The Big Ride’.

Originally formed in 2018, during a trip to Amsterdam, The Lyricals are a duo comprised of Josh Bovington and Dino Mensano. Inspired by seminal bands such as Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and newer, niche acts (La Priest), the pair produces dense, often dark, musical output. Balancing between synthesiser, guitars and drums, The Lyricals actively try breaking common rules, navigating unexplored sound directions and mysterious artistic avenues. 

A journey into uncharted territories, ‘The Big Ride’ is 3-minutes trip into reverbed vocals, fizzy guitars and punchy drums, all oiled with an infectious lo-fi sound. 

We are on board! Discover ‘The Big Ride’ on Spotify: