Tertia returns with mesmerising EP ‘Tertia’s Mixtape’

We previously hosted Tertia on YMX’s pages, in occasion of the release of ‘Overly Emotional Women’, a superb pop-gem with the right touch of electronic texture. Since then, the London-based talent has gifted the world one more single, ‘Emily’, and is now closing the circle with a fully-fledged EP, ‘Tertia’s Mixtape’, a true testament to Tertia’s aesthetic and music values, all distilled in 6 emotionally charged, porous and ever-changing tracks.

Prone to music since a very young age, the 21-year old multi-instrumentalist focuses on a highly D.I.Y ethos, taking control of writing and producing her own music. After having written her first song at the age of 6, Tertia grew up with classical training, which can be heard in her music even today. Drawing from figures such as Grimes and Alice Phoebe Lou, she combined electronica and synth-pop with alt-pop, mellow songwriting, managing to translate experimental sounds into pop realms. 

Formally a collection of previously released singles, Tertia’s mixtape also contains a brand new track, Liquid Baby. Largely self-produced, the mixtape blends shoegaze electronica with clean arpeggios and sample-infused beats. The Londoner’s vocals float on top, silky and precise, never forced, highlighting Tertia’s flawless songwriting. She’s definitely onto something, and we can’t wait to watch how far she can go! 

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