Tertia delivers fresh and ground-breaking single ‘Overly Emotional Women’

Not every day we come across such an exceptional and ground-breaking piece of pop! Delivering her most complete release to date – almost a debut – alt-pop outfit Tertia (tersh-a) showcases a free-genre attitude and willingness to innovate. ‘Overly Emotional Women’ is a chameleonic jewel, always mutating forms and time, into a perfect new identity. Tertia’s identity. 

Prone to music since a very young age, the 21-year old multi-instrumentalist focuses on a highly D.I.Y ethos, taking control of writing and producing her own music. After having written her first song at the age of 6, Tertia grew up with classical training, which can be heard in her music even today. Drawing from figures such as Grimes and Alice Phoebe Lou, she combined electronica and synth-pop with alt-pop, mellow songwriting, managing to translate experimental sounds into pop realms. 

‘Overly Emotional Women’ truly is refreshing. Created as “a satirical comment on the perception of female hysteria through the eyes of both men and women”, the track pair futuristic synthesisers and broken beats lines with audio recordings of people laughing and crying, reaching its peak in the highly mesmerising ending, combining into something we have never heard before: “I wanted to make a track which unboxes the power of the “bitches be crazy” stereotype against a calm harmonic backdrop”. Production is also to note, with a mixing approach radically new, thanks to Dutch producer Sascha Meijer.

Phenomenal! An artist to watch out for. Discover Tertia on Spotify: