Tenderhooks release hip-shaking tune ‘Stella Heartbeat’

Hailing from Brighton, Tenderhooks are a groovy, rock’n’roll friendly act, constantly delivering hip-shaking tunes and poignant gems. On Valentine Day, last month, they returned on the scene with ‘Stella Heartbeat’, an almost retro-sounding banger, a feel-good track that is set to instantly make you dance. 

Released through Aldora Britain Records, the track was written by Markus Leinweber, Tenderhooks’ head honcho, described as “a man who has been delivering unforgettable, singalong gems for well over a decade, existing and operating well outside the mainstream in the ‘Hooks universe”. That’s exactly our impression listening to ‘Stella Heartbeat’. Echoes of another era flow freely from the song, played by a talented pool of musicians. The songwriting appears very mature and combines perfectly with Leinweber’s silky, precise vocals. 

“For fans of Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, The Beautiful South, Teenage Fanclub and The Vaselines” – Discover ‘Stella Heartbeat’ today on Aldora Britain Records’ Bandcamp: