Suray Sertin – “Back To Me” Review

Today we talk about Suray Sertin! bringing us some much needed rhythmic tracks to lift our sprits in these crazy, gloomy times. For those who don’t know him, ​Suray Sertin​ is a Montreal based electronic music producer who takes us into his timeless universe by integrating both organic and digital sounds into his compositions, thus creating music that sounds familiar while giving the impression that it comes from another world.

This new single entitled “Back To Me” is a nostalgic and dreamy track using evocative sounds and oneiric textures. It’s a mood best served for rainy nights and long drives. “Back To Me​” starts with a rainy soundscape followed by a thunder strike officially propelling the track. The drums offer their support throughout the song as it evolves with vocals, dreamy guitar tones and synthesizers.

What’s fantastic about this track is the adaptability to various moods. It is both uplifting but also relaxing, it can easily excite but also stimulate as a background ambience piece. Production wise, it is an exemplary piece of how even the most minimalistic tracks can still contain complexity. The mix of atmospheric textures keeps the listener invested all throughout the 3 mins 45 of the track.

“I have meditated on myself as an artist and brought together all the elements
of the styles of music that inspire me the most while adding my own touch to
them. The goal of the project was to compose something so authentic and
true to myself, while moving towards a sound aesthetic that I had never
exploited before. “

These are the words Suray had to say about the production of this great track. The idea of creating authenticity through music is crucial to create feeling with the artist. Suray succeeds in this with the track appropriately titled “Best of Me”. This Montreal based producer is currently hard at work on his album and we will be watching his career with great interest. We recommend a listen to all of you House music fans!

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