Sunzoom – “Goodnight Godzilla” Review

Introducing Sunzoom! this independent Liverpool based Psychadelic rock unit has released their debut album and has started to turn heads in the psychadellic space with incredible sounds, visuals and creativity. on 29th January, they released their track “Goodnight Godzilla” and it is this track which we highlight for this fantastic new entry.

Bit about them, during the 2020 lockdown many would be forgiven for kicking back and putting any creative urges into neutral. But not Liverpool’s new psyche unit – Sunzoom – who were busy putting the finishing touches to their debut album. Then came the first two singles – The Million Dollar Game – followed by the remarkable Lay Down that swept to the top spot of South Africa’s Apple Music Rock Chart. The third single is the sublimely titled GoodNight Godzilla, which we will discuss today, continues the very high standard.

“The album was recorded and produced in Beach House Studio and I the band were lucky enough to have the help of a great mix engineer in Los Angeles (Dan Konopka who is also the drummer in American Art rock legends OKGO) and London mastering engineer Barry Gardner (Public Service Broadcasting).”

Goodnight Godzilla is a trip infused rock song with incredible synths, distorted guitar playing and a unique vocal sound. If comparisons are drawn, this track could be considered a love child of Tame Impala and Depeche Mode’s sounds.

The accompanying music video brings you into the world of Sunzoom through bright colours, trippy visuals and is the perfect match for the themes of the music and vibe. This track is a guaranteed hit with all those looking for escapism in music, with out-of-this-world sounds. We been loving this track!

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