Dutch IT-Architect working from his home studio to create some serious dance music, differentiating from everything else out there. Sub Caesar grew up with a lot of disco and cheesy 80s songs in several hundred cassettes.

His father was a professional violin player for a symphony orchestra, therefore, he loves the way classical music glues with strings, as they create atmosphere and emotions. Indeed, his goal is to share feelings through all the creativity with lies within his songs.

Caesar’s audio equipment is the Digital Audio Workstation, composed of Cubase, hardware synths, ROMplers and software. In this way he can navigate lots of ideas, with variables and strong connections among lyrics and arrangements.

When he created “Fever Dream” he thought of something uplifting, energetic, a bit dark and cold, in order to have an abstract futuristic quality. Essentially, it had to have the energy that makes you want to move. Thus, after waking up in the middle of the night feeling warm and dreading having picked up the Covid, he decided the final name.

Consequently, Sub Caesar’s ‘’Fever Dream’ is a “Cool tune with a nice atmosphere. Beautiful harmonies and sounds. It is quite original and well produced…” (Affinity Ascension)