STATZ makes some smooth moves in ‘Honest’

Making music from the early age of 12, the musical influence stems from inside his own family. Producing and writing the songs himself at a incredible level. His father and uncles were part of hip-hop groupPhantom Crew whilst his grandfather was a renowned duwoop singer in the 50s. Big influences in his musical journey growing along side artists like Kanye West, 50cent, Musiqsoulchild, Jill Scott, Jay-Z and many others. In Honest however, the range of contemporary artists differs from those he quotes. Artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR and Bryson Tiller adopt a similar vocal technique and minimalistic approach to the instrumental.

Relying on his voice and flow to create the rhythm and creativity of the track. Changing up each verse to create unpredictability keeps the listener on edge and invested. The smoothness of the light synth and deep bass contribute towards the overall mood and tone of the track to help Statz really elevate his vocals with a strong range and reverb. Not to mention the catchy hook and harmonies. A Trippie Redd harshness comes at the top of his range but it only adds an emotive style. Collating all the elements of this self-produced record to create a well-rounded and clear direction for his music.