SOPHIC BLOOM growls new grunge release ‘Get Better’

Grunge music has always symbolised the wild nature that at some point shows up in those who carry it. In fact, Sophic Bloom is back to basics for the composer and multi-instrumentalist Zerp, after being into pop and electronic for a while and he did it with a brand new single called ‘Get Better’, released in 2020.

Of course band influences are Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Sonic Youth, Beck, Arctic Monkeys, Weezer, Foo Fighters, to name a few. Sophic Bloom was born as a studio project to celebrate the sound of rock in the 90s and it does it perfectly, starting from the 2018 album cover recalling the Seattle Sound aesthetic with an inverted color portrait of a dandelion, not to mention the choice name….what a better word than ‘bloom’ to throw us back into the 90s?

‘Get Better’ is pure rage, the same we could hear in Cobain and we still do in Dave Grohl’s voice, whose similarity with Zerp’s, even in the melodies, is quite evident to me. 

“I wish I could fabricate one (notable happening) to make this release sound more interesting to you all – but I prefer honesty! It’s a song written during a time when I felt unsupported by some friends.”

My guess is that Zerp is having fun and this is what makes Sophic Bloom a nothing-out-of-place project, besides current trends and new tendencies in music. “Get Better” is a personal transformation, an appeal to authenticity in both the message and the style. Solid and coherent.

“We. Play. Rock. Music. Face. Melting. Rock. Music.” – band bio.