Shawn Brown: Angel of Oakland

After an extended break from music Shawn Brown returns with his old bandmates to reignite an anthemic classic in Angel Of Oakland. The Covid-19 had only delayed the efforts of Shawn to get back in the studio enlisting the talents of Grecco Buratto (Shakira, Gwen Stafani, Pink) and Brendan Buckley (Shakira, Perry Farrell, Tegan and Sara).

The track uses an easing rhythmic acoustic guitar amidst a classic American ballad. A lead guitar brings a heartwarming melody designed to bring the nostalgic feeling of joy as Shawn sings proudly about his adopted hometown and sets a benchmark for the rest of his new EP titled Angel Of Oakland with this as its lead single. Showing an ability of a slight harshness in his voice it gives the mix of the whole production a raw feeling. Layered to infuse with his voice as it carries you through a deepfelt story.

Shawn’s use of different styles in this method is difficult to place as he takes the best elements from pop, rock and roll in this track. Compared to previously released records like How Much Money Is Enough and Testify that follow a more R&B and soul sound, Angel Of Oakland is a more analogue touch a well rounded performance by Shawn Brown to establish himself as a talented songwriter. I feel with a slight refinement on the post production the vibrant personality of the record can really shine.

A great re-introduction to Shawn Brown’s new era, this single gives a inviting and addictable welcome to the new project leaving us searching for me.