Sara Phillips Releases Dark Track On Being Loved After Death

LA based Singer-Songwriter Sara Phillips is back with another dark Pop tracks that will have you on your feet yet deep in thought. Like many of her themes, ‘Nobody Loves You’ is another track that dives deep into one’s fears. She starts off with the line ‘I’ve been counting my money and my friends’. The superficial aspects of life that will make one think that everything is perfect until it isn’t. When friends suddenly aren’t there when it matters. I imagine living in LA, as Sara does, will make one realise very quickly that this artificial world of stars and money isn’t all it seems. But this loneliness she describes might just be a general feeling that artists encounter. ‘Everbody loves you when you go’ is a very strong statement in a society, where especially artists gain more popularity dead than when alive. Sara points out these morbid facts with a deep sadness.

The single is very poppy yet carries a dark feel. Her whsipery vocals are almost hunting throughout the track. She delivers it with a lot of silent emotion that resembles Billie Eilish’s delivery. Overall the single is very catchy and current. The production and arrangement is radio friendly and will have you sing along to the chorus after one listen.

On ‘Nobody Loves You’ the listener is left alone in this vicuous cycle without being shown a way out. It isn’t hopeful but food for thought, for sure. We look forward to more from Sara!