Saijan – “Bang” Review

Today we are back to talk about Saijan! this Nigerian born singer-songwriter shows his talent and dedication to his craft with his infectiously catchy song Bang! the track showcases a new sound that Saijan himself calls ‘Afro-Garage’. This exciting up and coming artist creates enticing Afrobeat music – whilst adding his own spin by incorporating elements from various genres in his tracks.

Saijan wanted to experiment with his sound on this track after listening to a lot of old 90’s garage – and after listening to some garage drum lines he decided to add his own afro twist to the track. Sokari worked his magic and added some dril-style drum lines to add some extra sauce – and ‘Bang!’ was born.

Recorded and co-written with his producer, Sokari, at The Chocolate Factory Studios in London – this was the first time that the pair were able to work together in person, after months of communicating virtually. Initially planning to rework an old release, the focus of the session shifted and they ended up creating ‘Bang’. It is practically impossible to listen to Bang without getting up to dance, which nowadays, a chance to lose yourself in a state of excitement is a welcome one.

‘Bang’ now also comes with an incredibly well filmed and produced music video (linked below) which compliments the fun vibe of the track. It showcases Saijan’s energetic personality as he is in party mode and inviting the viewers and listeners to join him in his world full of hype.

“This song was really me experimenting with new sounds. My goal was to bring an afrobeat vibe to a UK audience while also giving afrobeat listeners different taste. I feel this song speaks for itself on that.

These are Saijan’s thoughts on ‘Bang’ and bringing it to out to the world. With a highly energetic beat, simple but effective lyrics and an infectious charm, Saijan will easily capture you into his fun world and provide a much needed escapism! we’ve been loving this track, perfect for letting loose of stress.

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