Robert O’Connor returns with EDM-infused jewel ‘Too Late’

Following a successful EP release in November, ‘Trascendence’, Irish talent Robert O’Connor experienced a high of consensus and excitement, pushing him to double-up on the offering, preparing a Deluxe version of the EP, remastered and with extra tracks. In anticipation for that, O’Connor is today releasing the EDM-infused jewel ‘Too Late’.

Peruvian producer Skinem GT is Robert’s golden collaboration, the pair being a matched made in heaven. What a glorious collaboration! O’Connor is, anyway, no stranger to the music industry. He was active in the early 2000s, navigating the realms of folk and country music scenes, but then decided to take a personal 5-year hiatus in 2013, embarking on a non-music related personal career. 

‘Too Late’ boasts a house-derived production, fading into a glorious EDM riff in the ending. The song has a nostalgic vibe, officially about unfinished business in a romantic relationship. O’Connor explains: “A few years ago, a society journalist from a certain newspaper started to write about me and my music, and suddenly I was seeing him everywhere I went – he thought that he could buy access to me by giving me positive press, and when it didn’t work out, it turned sour, fast! The lyrics are written from the pursuer’s point of view, saying ‘this is not the end’, so it’s pretty creepy – but like all songs it’ll take on a different meaning for every listener”.

We are delighted about the consistent quality of Robert’s artistic output. Discover ‘Too Late’ on Spotify and Youtube today, and look out for the Deluxe EP, arriving March 5th!