Rivita returns with poignant ballad ‘Lonely With Someone’

Showcasing a tremendous songwriting potential, Rivita returns on the scene with the anthemic ballad ‘Lonely With Someone’. From the nuanced but careful arrangement, to the classic-inspired melodies, the track has all the right cards to be Rivita’s finest output to date.

Originally from India, now based in Los Angeles, Rivita has always championed an intense DIY approach, allowing herself to write, produce, and mix her own music. A successful decision, helped by the three degrees she holds, in the music field. A frequent traveller, meeting new people has always been the inspiration for writing new songs. 

‘Lonely With Someone’ came together as a collective effort, thanks to guitar help by Luke Stamenkovich and Angus Campbell, on bass duties. Production and mixing were then completed by Rivita. Lyrically, the track follows up on previous release ‘Someone Else’s Arm’. The young songwriter explains: “With this piece of work, I wanted to express the strength an individual really holds. There have been moments in my life when I’ve loved someone and they’ve made me feel less than, finding the strength to walk away and choosing myself has proven to me that there are better people out there for us, who see and accept us for ourselves. Lonely with Someone is about moving on, about being defiant and about knowing that we deserve better.”

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