RHYME shuffles the cultural cards with innovative video concept for ‘Not The Type’

We have the right video to give you that Monday energy: ‘Not The Type’, by groundbreaking digital artist RHYME and multimedia creative NINOCENCE, was originally a trap-infused, dark, experimental track, which served as the basis for an unapologetic and erotically active music video. 

A truly mesmerising opera, the video moves around CGI graphics, with rendered avatars playing with each other, in a reference to nowadays over-sexualised cultural landscape. The graphic work itself has been majestically done by NINOCENCE, digging deep into a futuristic universe, mixed with retro elements, leaving the viewers in a gentle art-infused shock. 

While the main storyline unfolds (a provocation that caused Youtube’s algorithm to slap an ‘age restricted’ label on the video), the outside frame – a browser’s window – features a constant opening of various tabs, linking to thought-provoking and point making content (the links can actually be found in the video description). Props to the talented pair for an ingenious idea. 

‘click the tabs, witness the breakdown, check your feed in this over sexed rendered ‘new normal’.. we not your normal type xxx’  

We are impressed. Catch the video on Youtube: