PIE’s debut will leave you mesmerised: ‘Apathy’

We are always lucky to discover some real gems in our music folders, from time to time. That’s exactly the case with PIE, London-based neo-soul songstress, showcasing exciting maturity and skilful musicianship. ‘Apathy’ marks her debut into the music industry, and we are confident it won’t be long till she gets some well deserved high-profile recognition. Honestly, this track has everything: smooth and silky songwriting, a top-class vocal tone, and a highly-vibeable, groovy instrumental. We had to press repeat several times, you’ll get why once you listen to it!

Originally from São Paulo, in Brazil, PIE’ influences range from Nina Simone to Aretha Franklin, passing for contemporary staples such as Isaac Waddington and Pip Millet. We also learn she is a proficient multi-instrumentalist, juggling between vocals, saxophone and keys, always blending her Brasilian and Latin roots with a certain Jazz flair. 

‘Apathy’ really stands out, as a debut effort. If the shiny production (with London-based upcoming producer Joe Black at the controls) doesn’t convince you, the catchy topline will: the chorus makes the song infinite, making the listener wish for a constant repeat. Can’t wait to hear more! 

Part of an upcoming 3-part Ep, PIE is here to stay. Discover ‘Apathy’ on Spotify: