On The Rise: Nick Taylor Releases ‘By Design’

Indiana native Nick Taylor released his third single ‘By Design’. What a great discovery! A relatively new artist who started releasing tracks in 2020. His overall sound is very ‘now’. Amongst his influences he counts the likes of Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Andr√© 3000 and more. ‘By Design’ has a sick beat and the whole feel and arrangement reminds nothing short of all the hiphop tracks on the charts right now.

‘By Design’ has a calm vibe but keeps you grooving all the way. The track touches on different subjects and points out the importance of selfcare and mental health. He mainly works from his homestudio where he has been focused on his creative process, defining his sound as it seems. Nick prioritises themes that are close to his heart as an artist such as intimacy and self-reflection.

The production and arrangement along with his image exude great confidence – rightly so! A very exciting artist on the rise!