On the 29th of January the talented 18 year old singer and songwriter and multi instrumentalist Niamhy Mac released her 5 tracks debut EP ‘Don’t Wish Your Life Away’ produced entirely by herself. The young artist is based in a remote village in the Highlands of Scotland and masters the skills of guitar, cello, bass, keyboard, vocals and production.

Niamhy Mac started her musical journey at the age of 14 and released her first tracks ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Drifter’ shortly after when she was just 15 years old in 2018. With a sonic landscape that blends folk, alt-rock, pop with her traditional Scottish music roots she has created something truly unique.

‘Don’t Wish Your Life Away’ is packed with a variety of moods as it touches upon universal subjects like complex emotions, gratitude and overthinking throughout the five tracks and we are taken on a journey into Niamhy Mac’s world.

The title song begins with a soaring electric guitar on top of a soothing finger picking pattern that anchors the song in a light mode as Niamhy Mac’s laid back almost spoken words lies on top of this catchy folk track.

‘True Colours’ instantly sets a mood of longing as we’re transported to the setting of a Quentin Tarantino movie. The minimalistic arrangement in the verses helps build tension that is being released in chorus where drums are added and brings the track to a new high.

‘Sometimes’ is the last track on the EP and reveals Niamhy Mac’s Scottish roots. The expressive cello intertwines with the rest of the instruments effortlessly as we are taken through the last part of her journey.

Listen to ‘Don’t Wish You Life Away’ below!