Nel Unlit: Showing the warmth of life in ‘Six Nights’

Middlesbrough-based collective Nel Unlit have released their warm and dreamy single Six Nights. With a calm and intuitive sense of arrangement, the group utilise all members in a beautiful array with acoustic guitars and sweet percussion. Nel who usually centers his songwriting around concept records takes a step back to focus on an inviting storytelling ability. Lyrically matching the softer tone of the instrumentation, sonically the band explore a dynamic that melts like butter. Something that is lost in smaller groups but dominated in orchestras shines out through the production.

A developed project that breaths a fresh air of vocal harmonies and bright twinkling piano to accompany a mellow setting. It carries mood execeptionally well. Although brief it cleverley and concisely delivers a memorable message of ever-blossoming romance. Similarities lie with acoustic project Same Side with a match in both vocalists raw and husky delivery.

Six Nights may be a depature from their usual sound, however it’s warm analogue production really brings home the more emotive elements of the track. The song also seems to carry potential to be messed around and mixed with in a live setting to really hit home on the compassionate message.