Natalie Grace returns with anthemic hot track ‘Go For Gold’

Following up from her explosive debut single ‘Ask You One Thing’, amassing more than 10.000 streams on Spotify alone, London-born songstress Natalie grace returns with another anthemic pop number, the slow-tempo jewel ‘Go For Gold’, set to further advance her reach and opening the door for a brilliant career.

No stranger to the music industry, Grace can boast advanced expertise in writing and performing. Having toured with Latin-pop band Modern Romance, she appeared on prestigious stages such as Rewind Festival and Chillfest. Now taking the lead part in her own project, Natalie the artistic direction upon herself, drawing inspiration from the likes of Demi Lovato, Joss Stone and Joy Crookes, absorbing a certain late-90s / early 2000s pop quality.

‘Go For Gold’ sees grace involved into a slow-paced, grounded production, at times slightly cinematic. The English songstress reaches deep in her pocket to provide us with an exquisite topline, featuring a chorus that will stick in the listener’s ears for hours. We are impressed! Lyrically, ‘Go For Gold’ tells a tale of self-reflection: “It explores a friendship between two equally motivated people with similar goals, and how balancing their climb to success alongside friendship without stepping on one another’s toes can be challenging”.

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