Mayfair Lady returns with anthemic indie-pop jewel ‘Reality Check’

After hearing countless new music releases every day, we have become accustomed to recognize talent when we see it. In the case of Mayfair Lady, London-based Italian-American songstress, talent is a natural gift. After releasing her new single ‘Reality Check’ today, an anthemic and poignant indie-pop jewel, the classically-trained singer is on route to become the scene’s next big-thing. 

We already hosted Mayfair Lady on our pages, with previous single ‘If I Got Rich’. A convincing effort, the track amassed more than 20.000 streams over the course of a few months.At the time, the notable songwriting stuck with us instantly, a feature we also find in ‘Reality Check’: A three-dimensional, modern sound embraces the whole track, featuring anthemic string arrangements and a choir-like vocal tone (we are sure someone will get goose-bumps). Mayfair Lady’s vocals are precise, flowy, and have a grittiness that really translate to the listeners. 

About the track, the London artist explains: “Reality Check is about a dark time in my life, when I struggled with an eating disorder, partying too much and filling the void of my loneliness by doing the wrong things with the wrong people. Deep down I knew this lifestyle only fed more into my sorrow, but I kept on going. I felt like I was living in a sad movie and I needed to come back to reality. I needed a ‘‘Reality Check’’. 

We are on board! Looking forward to hearing more. In the meantime, discover ‘Reality Check’ on Spotify: