LIVSKA’s masterful debut: the dark, alt-pop of ‘Patience’

Hailing from Australia, Livska gifts us a crazy good track on her debut, the dark alt-pop jewel ‘Patience’. All of the tracks’ components are well-thought and incredibly precise: from the alternative, dark, yet pop and intelligible production, to Livska’s incredibly pleasant vocals, combined with honey-like melodies and big expression. 

A veteran from a previous musical experience, Livska is looking to recreate the same success and hype, and we are confident she will. As part of upcoming duo Seattle Fix, her tracks gained features in a number of music outlet, including the notorious Triple J radio network all across Australia. 

After taking a break in 2020, the choice of embarking on a solo project seemed to be the right one; and we can’t disagree! A contemporary piece, yet timeless in its essence, ‘Patience’ will no-doubt make its way onto our playlists, like it should in yours. Lyrically speaking, the song “details the difficulty in longing for someone you can’t have and battling that temptation to give in to them. They say time heals everything so, all you can do is be patient”.

We are on board! Discover Livska on Spotify: