Lissy Taylor cements her artistic stature with a mesmerising new EP, ‘Wildflower’

Once again we are proudly presenting you the freshest emerging music! Today we are proud to feature Lissy Taylor, a songwriting powerhouse with a folk form and a rock attitude. 

Based in Manchester, Taylor absorbed a wide range of influences, thanks to having lived both in the USA and the UK. Starting out as a teen on American shores, her songwriting grew with Americana flair, before being contaminated by British indie-rock, thanks to relocating in Manchester, UK. While studying at BIMM, Taylor was able to work on her craft and distil all those different elements, and eventually debut on the scene earlier this year, with the anthemic and folk-tinged jewel ‘Mayday’.

Laying the road for what was coming next, ‘Mayday’ received massive support from press and radios, the likes of Clash Magazine and BBC Introducing. ‘Wildflowers’ followed up, drifting towards a more classical British Rock sound. Today, Lissy Taylor regroup those past singles plus two unheard tracks in a new package, further cementing her artistry and showcasing her raw talent, in an impressive collection of material, set to turn heads (and ears!). 

‘Wildflower EP’ features lead single ‘High’, possibly Taylor’s most mesmerising track so far, really encapsulating her essence, poignant songwriting drenched in crying guitars and evocative drums. ‘Hold Me Forever’ closes the EP on a tamer side, at least attitude-wise. Lyrically, the songs represent Lissy’s personal experiences and thoughts. As the English singer describes: “Wildflowers EP is a personal insight to emotional struggle, healing and growth.  My songwriting stems from reflecting on my own feelings and this EP for me explores vulnerability, empowerment and love.”


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