LANI returns with mesmerising EP ‘Parables’

Being a young talent is an incredible time: feeling like everything is possible while working hard to perfect your craft and your artistic output. That’s why we always like to support and enhance, when possible. That’s also why we were very pleased to discover LANI, a 19-year old songwriter and singer with a bright future ahead. Having just released her first EP, the 4-track pop jewel ‘Parables’, LANI is now gearing up for a serious attempt at shaking the scene, boasting a unique blend of classic pop with contemporary indie vibes. 

Based in Birmingham, LANI has a long history of music making, starting singing and writing at only 14-years old. From that time, her formative years have provided the perfect emotional backdrop for most of her lyrics, expressing themes of teenager angst and doubts. Our favourite instalment in the EP must be ‘You Don’t See’, an elegant, classic take on soulful themes. LANI’s vocals showcase a mesmerising level of control, encapsulating the listener into a vortex of emotions and raw feelings. 

We are on board! Discover ‘Parables’ on Spotify: