KinetiX bring the summer season in ‘isaidhey’

The Irish collective have adopted the lockdown and embraced it to focus on their in-house operations. All living together they spend a multitude of nights and days together experimenting and evolving from their discography. Comprised of 3 brothers, Arthur (drums), Ademar (keys/synths), and Theodore (vocals). They amalgamate a variety of elements from differing genres into their music, to create their unique style of pop music. Driving a focus on the synths and warm basslines the track resonates with clubbing and festival nights that we all remember so vividly. Bringing a strong temperament and slight hoarse touch to the vocals gives it the stand-out element needed to elevate the instrumental.

A culmination of dynamic efforts to provide a catchy hook and radio friendly song arrangement, it is clear that KinetiX have done their research. Honing the craft to utilise their talents as producers to create an inviting mix. Atmospheric and expansive post effects create a wider feel and surrounding sense of community and vibe that you get at festivals. Similar to artists like Gorgon City but taking a pop infused lyricism. A stellar collation of sonical influences and style will leave us with a top hit for the future.