KHLOË releases new single ‘Chromatic’

Claiming to have interchangeable abilities and chameleon adaptation in regards to her musical style. Making a conscious decision to expand her influence and creative direction, Khloe bestows a vibrant and uplifting dance track in the form of Chromatic. A massive departure from the band-led organic sonics that she had begun within the previous project I Am Mowgli, which sees a resurgence of dry and unique vocal performances from the 2000s female superstars. Stating Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue as influences for this track the tone and melody of the rhythmic hook is very similar to the Australians captivating delivery. A bright collection of instruments layer to show off the house synths/piano that sticks out in the production to bring you that iconic Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) vibe.

Ultimately compiled to bring about a sense of positivity after a long year of lockdown she explains. Bringing about a controlled and tight song arrangement that delivers on each percussion hit to give that bounce every dance track counts as an essential. An interesting dynamic overall, showing off some slight weirdness to her instrument selection. Bringing about a personality that the infamous Peaches adapted to bring about the colour of her music in her performance. A successful and infectious record, Chromatic delivers a wider more experiential sound than its title leads you to believe.