KAYLIOX x VICTOR PERRY – Lost Control (Tipsy Records)

An endless passion to push boundaries of music, to create a unique vibe & sound has brought Kayliox (Québec, Canada) to be released on Sony Music as well as Armada to name just a few. His sound is all about found mixtures between Future House, Bass House and Deep House music.

Sharp, precisely-designed gritty bass lines combined with killer grooves result in Kayliox’s energetic and powerful sound, matching with his partner in crime Victor Perry, from NYC. Often compared to Michael Jackson, he has the unique ability to sing with a harmonic lyrical phrasing and contemporary crooning that’ll set any listener’s mind at ease

After releasing his debut EP – ‘4 A.M. Nostalgia’ in 2016, Perry hasn’t stopped with releasing musical content, cumulating a total of over 7.5 million streams on the Spotify platform as well as landing on editorial playlists such as Fresh Finds: Pop, New Music Friday Sweden, Dance Covers, and Dance Brandneu.

“As a songwriter/vocalist for “Lost Control” I wanted a song that captured the message that sometimes all it takes is another person to catch us when we fall. Someone to hold us together when we truly feel like breaking.”- Victor Perry