KASHA LEE: To Show You

‘Kasha Lee’ is an independent artist, who sings, writes, produces, plays guitar, piano, and bass. ‘To Show You’ was written featuring her partner Erik Sathrum, having been drumming for their entire life.

Kasha and Erik are heavily influenced by the styles of the 60s and 70s, such as Todd Rundgren, Harry Nilsson, and The Rolling Stones to name
a few. Their biggest melodical and lyrical influence is Mitski, although with this track their channeled more of a Chic, George Duke, Bee Gees vibe.

Kasha’s songs are her life public diary and, given that the quarantine made everyone struggling deeply, she felt the need to pull from the positives in her life and focus on those, one being her relationship.

‘To Show You’ is a deep dive on the time it took to prove to herself and her partner that they were capable of stability, as they met each other at a period in their lives where what they presented wasn’t really who they were. Moody sounds reminiscent of trip hop artists follow the feelings of the person, enhanced by the rather fabulous distorted guitar and the altered muttering vocal sounds that give an additional layer of emotion to the already mixed bag of feelings.