Johnny4x releases powerful debut mixtape ‘Survival’

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Johnny4x is a hip-hop/rap artist, debuting this year with a powerful mixtape, ‘Survival’, containing the bouncy upbeat jewel ‘Yeah2x’. Based on Johnny4x personal experiences, the songs are a fresh take on trap territories, showcasing his sharpy and precise vocals, and boasting a first-class flow – never misplaced, never obvious. 

Originally from Tanzania, Africa, Johnny4x’s project represents an artistic balance between two different sides: the groovy, dancy shores of trap and drill, and more soulful realms, on the alternative side (also thanks to acoustic guitar inserts). 

‘Survival’ contains 8 tracks, “written about surviving life struggles, battling against drugs, loss of family and friends”, and aims to inspire the listeners: “even with all happening in the world you can still find a way to survive”.

Recommended! The beginning of a long journey, in our opinion. 

Discover ‘Survival’ on Spotify: