JADE MOSS releases retro vibes gem ‘Hey Babe’

Imagine a gramophone placed in the middle of a crowded crossroad, playing “Hey babe, you’re barking up the wrong tree with me”. That’s exactly what crossed my mind while listening to the new retro gem, released by neon vintage artist Jade Moss, out now in digital stores.

The single, composed by Milan-based Etto and written by Jade, is part of the upcoming EP ‘Backbone Woman’, out in May this year, released on GlaGlaRecords.

“The music that I write is about my experiences with love, joy, strength and the importance of self-worth”.

‘Hey Babe’ is about being a fearless queen, who stands on her own and doesn’t compromise on being mocked in a relationship. Jade Moss delivers her message through a miscellaneous of jazz / retro soul and dubstep. The contrast is mind-blowing and perfectly aligned with the topic: classy and steady but unapologetic! 

Based on Jade’s life journey, it seems that she built her persona and artistic identity through influences like Etta James, Billie Holiday and Lauren Hill, but also through her ability to look after herself and achieve all she wanted.

Fashion and textiles entrepreneur, Jade, seems to gain the same attention in her music career, as she did as a fashion designer. Originally from Yorkshire, she moved to London and opened her own boutiques and travelled the world, taking inspiration from everywhere she went. Her journey culminated in the ultimate revelation, the birth of her daughter Blue, through whom she rediscovered her real purpose.