Hotel California – ‘Some of You Remember Me Like This’ Review

Introducing Hotel California! an Americana project by singer and songwriter Daniel Green who living in a small village in Northern Europe. During lockdown he wrote 24 tracks, which are released song by song every three weeks starting in January 2021. Daniel tells stories about the ordinary but jet so special people around him. Today we’re going to dive into Hotel California’s new single ‘Some of You Remember Me Like This’!

Taking inspiration from Neil Young and The Pixies, listeners be able to detect their inspirations and how Hotel California adds their own twist and touch in every track. What’s immediate in listening to this track is the beauty of the guitar playing, the acoustic melody of this track draws you in to a worry-free mood, with Green’s calming voice recounting a story of what was, as the song suggests. There is a peaceful message in this song, ‘we were lonesom, but lonleyness fades” to remind that nobody is truly ever alone.

“This third single of my forthcoming album I wrote about these great people around me. I’m grateful to be part of this village. When this crisis is over I’ll throw a garden party for all my neighbours. Community is the one thing I miss the most during lockdown.”

These are the words Green used to describe the inspiration behind this track. The sense of community, the wholesomeness of human connection is something important to Green’s songwriting and it shows in this track. This track is a must-listen to feel the sense of community and longing for being with loved ones. Highly recommended!

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