Great Square and his ambient soundscape ‘Lvl Me’

Great Square is an Austin-based artist and composer. His single “Lvl Me” could be portrayed as someone stepping discreetly into a dark apartment, where delicate curtains and wind chimes open to bright and yet gloomy melodies. 

Great Square’s journey is a dreamy one, like the blurred landscapes of reminiscences and pleasant memories.

“Lvl Me” is an ambient soundscape that finds its roots in the Texan humid subtropical weather and reflects its unpredictability, with a structured yet unstructured composition.

It’s a comfortable hug with a loud heartbeat, where a trembling soulish voice lays on the warm guitar sound, acid at times.

The production is left raw so as to offer a detailed and faithful portrait of the environment.

The voice explores a unique, non-linear structure far from standard and catchy pop melodies, and steps out of line like smears of color on a canvas.

Keep it up Great Square!