Giack Bazz returns with Paul McCartney-inspired single ‘Like & Share Machine’

Today we dive into contemporary music that’s timeless, sounding like a classic and ever- relevant. That’s exactly the case of Giack Bazz, an upcoming musician, songwriter and thinking personality. His latest single – Like & Share Machine –  is a swirling of rock’n’roll guitar strokes, infuriating drums and simple but effective vocals. A lover of analogue recording equipment, the track is set to bring the listener back to a time where the world, possibly, was simpler. And artists paid more? 

Giack Bazz is an active supporter of the #fixstreaming campaign, by the Musician’s Union and Ivor Novello Academy; the goal is to inspire a change in the current unfair paying scheme of streaming platforms (on this note, check out his side project ‘Impression A.I.’).

Inspired by Sir Paul McCartney, ‘Like & Share Machine’ was mixed-down on a vintage reel-to-reel tape recorder, along with a similar vintage music video shot on a mini-DVD camera. Giack Bazz focused the lyrical theme of the song on the way social media affects a musician’s wellbeing and mental health. The London-based artist explains: “The more time we spend on our phones, the more disconnected and alone we become. Social media brings us to constantly compare ourselves to others, and hinder our research of happiness. Lockdown made this more blatant, as social anxiety and depression are on the rise”.

Discover ‘Like & Share Machine’ on Spotify, or catch the music video on Youtube: