Gearing up for an EP release: Robert O’Connor releases yet another pop jewel: ‘Destination Anywhere’

We are pleased to feature again on our pages Irish artist Robert’ O’Connor; Following up from his summer banger ‘Over (Before It’s Begun), he is now releasing a disco-infused gem, the poignant jewel ‘Destination Anywhere’. This will be the last single before his EP ‘Transcendence’, set to collect all of Robert’s collaborations with Peruvian producer Skynem GT into a polished package, celebrating his comeback on the scene. 

When we say ‘comeback’, we mean it: the Irish talent took a 5 years hiatus in 2013, while still navigating the realms of the folk and country music scenes. After a period of personal experiences and numerous jobs, both music and non-music related, he then returned in 2018 with more country-infused masterpieces, before eventually fading into EDM and electronic realms, thanks to producer Skynem GT. And what a glorious collaboration!

‘Destination Anywhere’ is essentially an emotional pop track, easily relatable and directed to a large number of people; It somehow floats between 70’s funk guitars riffing, and 80’s inspired synth arpeggios, always caring a 4-to-the-floor attitude, which makes the track suitable both for a chill listening experience and a club placement. O’Connor’s songwriting qualities particularly shine, thanks to a killer chorus which would be at home in a Top 40s chart. 

We recommend following Robert and getting ready for his EP drop next week, on the 20th, to fully taste his artistic endeavour. In the meantime, discover ‘Destination Anywhere’ on Spotify: