Drawing from a number of musical influences (John Mayer, Vampire Weekend, FINNEAS) the producer/multi-instrumentalist displays a wide variety of technical ability in his songwriting. His latest release Save Me is inspired by a synth-driven, pop coloured instrumental with wide dynamic drums. Flynn decided to venture solo in 2020 after years of performing in the Toronto music scene with various bands. Now a Presidential Scholar at Berklee College of Music, Flynn is preparing to work on his debut EP later this year following graduation in the spring. 

With a catchy hook, the mix of his own project utilises the most rhymic parts of the release. Compared to his previous singles Let’s Talk About and Nervous, the latest endeavour Save Me carries a darker electronic sound designed to create an emotive narrative. Coinciding with the more dystopian lyricism. Whilst it may not carry the vibrancy and funk of his other tracks, it shows that it doesn’t need to be and his range as an artist to create and perform a wider variety of musical styles. Showing his experience and making me give the credibility where it’s due to an artist that clearly knows his way around more than just a kit.