FAMITSU: Neuve Chapelle

‘FAMITSU’ is a solo project coming directly from Saint Petersburg, Russia, started off just only a few years ago, with the main inspiration of the Russian Rave Scene and ambition of representing the new generation of ravers.

‘Neuve Chapelle’ was made in Saint-Petersburgh, and it is about dancing in the Park Pobedy’s courtyard. Given that everyone is going through such a harsh time due to the global crisis, ‘We are pretty sure this music has an actual healing power’ (Cit. #INTERNETGHETTO)

Having playing several gigs all around the world over the last couple of years, such as in Russia with Hyperboloid Label Crew (Pixelord, Summer of Haze, Saburov), you can hear that Neuve Chapelle is a quite mature release. Therefore, its structure is consistent throughout the entire journey and increases its mood step by step.

In fact, you can feel the synths, the modulators, the vocals and the piano in the background, which mixed together give birth to a unique electric wave. Thus, we are pretty confident that FAMITSU is likely to start off the new Underground Russian Movement.