Originally from the United Kingdom, ‘Escher Attala’ AKA ‘ES.CHER‘ has been producing, mixing and master since birth, influenced by Vegyn, Burial and King Krule.

Is It 2 Much‘ is indeed considered by many as a ‘trippy, engaging piece of art’ and ‘a UK musical project that encompasses a handle of styles ranging from trip-hop, experimental UK hip-hop, garage music, and more.’

This is mirrored in the struggling voices through the heavy synths representing the dissociative feeling of fondly recalling warm memories through the lens of dystopia. ‘Is It 2 Much’ can be considered a masterpiece, as it has been recorded in only one day sticking to his laptop, while shut in his room.

Vegyn and SOPHIE’s approach to electronic music have been a great source of inspiration, as they don’t adhere to any conventional boundaries (does a ‘normality’ actually exist??) as well as King Krule having had mental breakdown.

‘It Is 2 Much’ is indeed touches your heart very deeply, having a solid mix of experimental, drone, electronica and a slight vibe of deep house. With its 3.10 of duration it makes you reflect on the past year.

Hoping that the title won’t be as extreme also in reality, we all expect ES.CHER to start touring over the summer.