ENA FAY releases enchanting single ‘Because I Care’

New single called ‘Because I Care’, from the Irish/German singer Ena Fay, release on March 26th. The single is part of her EP ‘I Can Feel It’, played from South West London’s Riverside Radio as well as featured in several online fashion, art and culture magazines such as Marika Magazine. 

“I wrote ‘Because I Care’ about two and a half years ago for vocals and piano.” Absolutely a must it’s the live band music video, an enchanting way to enhance this piece of music and represent the power of caring, musically translated through the glorious strings arrangement by James Cox and orchestral sounding drums by Phil Kimber.

Ena in a 50s style sparkling suit and wavy hair, reminding Marlene Dietrich glow, domains the stage with elegance and grace.

“Life is not unfair because I love you, it just hurts a little bit because I care” – explains the high’s and low’s of caring for someone and being in love. A romantic interpretation of love which, in Ena’s heart, is always worth it, despite the pain. The pain that is love itself.