Electronic outfit K LSY returns with anthemic banger ‘Yesterday Laws’

We had already hosted K LSY on our pages last year, on occasion of the release of their debut number ‘Every Minute’, a dark and industrial groovy gem. Today the Italian-based electronic outfit is back with a summer-infused anthem, the four-to-the-floor banger ‘Yesterday Laws’. The single is the first taste of the upcoming album ‘Juvenile Dementia’.

Young talents, K LSY is comprised of Pieo Piccillo, Alessandro Falcioni and Andrea Tredicucci. Having been together making music since childhood, they took a brave step into the music industry last year, receiving positive feedback from media and professionals alike. We are confident there’s so much more on the horizon for the Italian electronic trio, constantly balancing between a wide range of influences, such as Daft Punk, Disclosure and Chemical Brothers. 

‘Yesterday Laws’ moves in a rather dancy direction, focusing on a steady income of house-inspired beats, short burst bass, and infectious synth riffing. Produced by Walter Buonanno, renowned hip-hop DJ and producer, the song it’s the perfect anthem for a night out, a car ride with friends or simply for dancing alone in one’s room. The songwriting is essential yet hooky and catchy, and the willingness to press ‘replay’ is strong. 

We are on board! Discover ‘Yesterday Laws’ on Spotify: