Drox – Muévete Review

Time for some Reggaeton! today we introduce Drox and his infectious beats are a welcome sound as we slowly edge out the winter and welcome the warmer days. Inspired by Daddy Yankee and Micheal Jackson, Drox brings us his tremendously catchy ‘Muévete’! Let’s dive into this really fun track…

To get the obvious out of the way: this song is made to get you up and dancing. The production of this song is well done, with a consistent groove pattern that keeps the listener engaged and energetic. The lyrics are highly memorable, even if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll be singing along to Muevete without any care!

The interesting combination of dancehall, reggae and 80s synths gives Drox an interesting edge to other artists of this genre. Drox utilises a retro feel in Muévete while incorporating the more modern sound of reggaeton that we know particularly from artists such as Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee.

This song born from a sexy night in a disco, when I meet a very hot girl. We start a seductive game and enjoy all the night, with the
dance and the kisses. This song has an special feel to dance, it would be great to forget all the troubles with the music. This is my
second song and it has all my energy to it becomes in a high top song.

These are the words of Drox, this charismatic reggaeton artist has made it his mission to bring some sexy feels to 2021, something we all could do with! This track is guaranteed to be a summer hit with all of you dance music aficionados! we’re already dancing to this.

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