DOMINOE: Distance

Based in New York City, USA, ‘Dominoe’, has recently announced the release of her new single ‘Distance’, which is self-produced and self-written, featuring the exclusive iconic sounds of Yamaha DX-7, as well as heavily tuned and synthesized vocals.

“Distance” is indeed a mix of electropop and synthwave that touches on the challenges of getting close to someone. Given the current situation around the world with COVID, this can be taken both literally as well as figuratively, as we are increasingly living “distant” lives. The electronic and ominous mood of the track is driven by a relentless kick drum and shuffle beat that will make you want to dance despite the darkness.

Indeed, from its very beginning, the vibe is already set in the ‘go-go’ mood, transmitting positive feelings to the listeners’ souls, thanks to the high-intensity melodies and the voice. In addition, it can be noticed that this cheerful frequencies keep being steady toward the end.

As the COVID cases are decreasing quite quickly and the vaccines are being injected consistently all around the world, being Dominoe a brand new producer, with the release of ‘Distance’, we expect to see her exclusive live performance touring around the world very soon.