Discovering hidden gems with Wavic

Hailing from Portugal, Wavic delivers a three-dimensional and explorative collection of musical gems, ‘Selected Pieces’. The 6-tracks EP navigates in exceptionally original realms, balancing between leftfield electronica, hyper-pop, breakbeats, techno flavours – the last 30 years of music it’s there, in some forms or another. 

Intentionally keeping a rather mysterious aura around the project, there isn’t much we know about Wavic. A composer and a producer, he says: “I’ve made lots of music sketches since I started doing music 8 years ago, some finished, others incomplete, and it was only this last year that I’ve decided that I had 6 ‘ok’ tracks to release. and I guess that they are simply sketches with no meaning behind other than trying pleasing myself”.

We are grateful for deciding to share your masterpieces with the world, Wavic. ‘Selected Pieces’ showcases an acute awareness of sound arts and a sublime taste, together with an open mind and the ability to leave social constructs and artistic boxes behind. Our favourites must be the vaporwave-infused ‘Building A New Scene’ and the 90s driven ‘Runaway’.

Keep doing what you are doing Wavic. The world deserves to hear it. Discover ‘Selected Pieces’ on Spotify: