Daniel Etherton debuts with poignant acoustic jewel ‘Foundations’

There is something mesmerising in observing a talented artist releasing his headmost music: like a butterfly spreading his wings for the first time, becoming something beautiful, so does the artist’s debut track, almost a manifesto of intent. That’s how we feel watching Daniel Etherton making his debut in the music industry, with the poignant acoustic gem ‘Foundations’.

Hailing from Surrey, England, Etherton approached the live music scene in 2019, with a series of live performances. The energy he was able to get from it, and the connection suddenly flowing between him and the audience, convinced him to pursue a career in music, alongside his long-term involvement in visual art. 

Already causing a certain buzz in emerging music platforms, ‘Foundations’ sees Daniel being featured on a wide variety of media outlets, with the song previewing on BBC Radio Kent, Amazing Radio, Islington Radio, among others. Written with Pierce Kavanagh, ‘Foundations’ showcases Etherton’s deep, poignant quality, resulting in emotionally charged music, nostalgic, yet extremely relatable. 

About the track, the British singer explains: “I’ve always found music, most genres, stabling and inspiring throughout my whole life. A sort of therapy. It becomes daunting when you’re the person putting a song out there that could hopefully provide the same positive effect it did to me, to someone else. I really hope my tracks do this for you, too”.

We are on board! Looking forward to hearing more. In the meantime, discover Daniel Etherton on Spotify: